How to make money with plr

How to Use Plr – Learn How to Use Plr Content to Grow Your Business

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This post will show you how to use plr content to

create physical or digital information products

that can be sold for profits,

or boost your existing business.


Private label rights (PLR) is a great way to build

your cash funnel with ease.

You can use it all as is or tweak it in any

amount to have it represent you online.


I assume you already know what plr content is,

In this blog post,

we will look at various ways

to use it for your business to-


  • Create your own products to sell
  • Offer as free gifts
  • Create bonuses
  • Sell your existing products


PLR products provide a brand new way

to build a successful business by

helping you leverage its content

to achieve more in less amount of time.


You don’t have to start everything

from scratch when using plr,

but you build your house

on the foundation that is

already made and complete.


With PLR products at your disposal,

you can now take on the giants of

Internet Marketing or any other niche

and become the market leader.


The heart and soul of every

business is understanding

the customers’ needs.


If you can only find time to find out what people

are searching or looking for, you will have nailed it.


In such a way that you will have

found out what they’re exactly looking for

or what problems they face thus

serving exactly what they ‘re

literally looking for.


PLR has opened up many new avenues for innovation

and creation in the field of marketing.


The challenge would be to see who will use

this new power to create an unstoppable marketing force

which will take the world by storm.


This article provides an overview of how PLR works

and how it can benefit you, as an entrepreneur.


Last but not least,


It is Not How Much Products You

Purchase Which Determines Your Success,

But What You Do With it.



There are different types of private label rights content

available to use in the market.

When you think of content,

it isn’t just buying articles or reports

in document or rich text file format.


You can also create software and scripts

with private label content and

make lots of money.


In order to fully understand how to use plr

is to understand the various

formats of plr content available in the market today.


Types of Plr Formats



– Can be bought and used to create ebooks,

reports, audios or videos. There is a number of sites

where Plr articles are being sold today.


In fact, you can find them in forums (in the special offers section)

and there are websites that cater to selling batches of articles.

articles cover


These articles are usually written by

freelancers from freelance writing groups.


Or, the seller can write them if they have time

and sell the articles with private label rights.


You can also find articles on this site that you

can use to create your products or sell as is.


There are some membership sites that have articles

in addition to other

products included in the membership.


You may or may not want the whole package.

If you don’t, it’s better to find a

website where they just sell articles.

Click here to learn how to create an eBook using plr articles.


The emergence of article membership sites is getting popular.

The monthly fees can range from hundred and fifty

to more than a thousand rands or so.


With the higher prices usually providing the best quality content,

along with other perks.


If your budget can’t part with a monthly membership,

there are sites that offer free private label rights articles.


However, some of these articles may need more

work than you’re willing to put in the time for.


It’s not a bad idea to check them out anyway.

You never know what kind of gems you might find

but I recommend buying quality articles

for your projects.


Doing so will ease the pain

in the rewriting process.


E-Books and Reports


– These are the more popular formats

for private label rights content.


This is because you have the advantage

of creating another product

or chop up the content into articles.


An average e-book is about 30 – 40 pages. Or you can

divide the content into small reports.

Not everyone likes to or has time to

read an entire e-book.






You can also take an e-book with

more pages and divide it into three



You would make more money selling 20-

page small reports more than you would

if selling a large e-book.


Since these would be your creations,

you can also offer resell or master resell

rights if you wanted to.


There’s plenty of opportunities

to make lots of money with these formats.


Like with articles, there are membership sites

that offer e-books with private label rights.

These monthly memberships, for the most part,

are reasonably priced.


The only thing about some of these memberships,

is that you may not know what next month’s content

will be until that time comes.


It may be content that you may or may not like.

You have to decide whether you would

want to spend your money every month,

taking a chance that you may or may

not like the future month’s products.




– This can be very lucrative and a great money maker.

software image

Software with private label rights can make

you more money than selling e-books.


You can create or have someone create

different software programs for you to sell.



–A script is a form of software that is web-based.

These can be edited and

modified to use how you wish.


Most are very easy to use and you can upload

them to your website and use in a matter of minutes.

Another form of private label rights is called the public domain.


Public domains include works

that have their Copyright Status expired

and have not been claimed or renewed

However, you must be mindful that not every single piece

of material falls under that rule.

You will have to check governmental sources

to be sure that the material is indeed in the

public domain.


There are some membership sites you can join

that specialize in providing public domain content.

Make sure they are properly licensed to do so.

The legitimate sites will usually mention information

regarding an attorney being involved.


So at least you know that you’re getting quality content

that you can modify any way you wish.


You will find music, videos, books, movies etc.

for free inside the public domains sites.

You have a full right to rebrand and sell as your own

movie, song or a book.


But you need to learn a step by step guide

on how to go about it here.


If you’re on a budget and can’t do the membership

thing right away, following the link above has plenty of

public domain information to learn.

So you can be able to use public domain material

to create your own products to sell online or offline.


But if you have time you can also visit sites like this

for quality Public Domain material you can use,

edit and resell or take as is,

slap your name on it and resell.

No boundaries at all.


Even with that, you will still have to check

because there is some material that is not allowed

to be used until a certain year or it’s not in the public domain.


Public Domain content is one of the best ways

to generate private label rights products

and ridiculously profit off of it

if you really know how to.



You can build your own

information products pulling machine

using only plr or public domain work.


If you really want to, or you can buy ready-made plr products to sell and start uploading and selling.


Learn a step by step guide

on how to go about starting

your own information products business

online or offline in this video course.


Using plr or public domain content,

you are not limited to only creating digital products but,

can also create physical products to sell in a physical store

on the shelves…


What is really holding you back

from starting your own digital or physical empire?

Let me know in the comments below,

and please do share this information

if you find it helpful…


Also, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates…….thanks for reading!


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