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What is Internet Marketing? (The Internet Marketing Definition)

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What is Internet Marketing Really?


The first question that needs to be answered

when it comes to internet marketing is,

What is Internet Marketing“.


Internet marketing is the process of marketing and promoting

digital or physical products (both goods and services)

using the power of the web/internet.


According to Wikipedia,

Internet (Web, Digital or Online) Marketing

is the marketing of products or services

using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet.


what is internet marketing, how to make money online


But also including mobile phones,

display advertising, and any other digital medium.


The loose definition of internet marketing,

it is any type of business that you do

on the internet to make money.


Here’s what you will learn today:

What is Internet Marketing?

How Do You Make Money Online?

Basic Internet Marketing Strategies to Make Money Online

What is Content Marketing?

What is Blogging?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

How Much Can You Make Online?

What Do You Need to Start an Internet Marketing Business?


Starting an Online Business Should

Always be Regarded as Starting a

Real Business Than a

“Make Money Online Faster



Though there is a chance

that you really can make money

faster, I advise you never aim for those results.

But try to build a sustainable online business.


Building a business takes time,

hard work with sleepless nights,

persistence and a lot more.


How do You Make Money on the Internet?


For those who want to know,

internet marketing is a term that covers just

about every money making effort on the web.


There are a bunch of different strategies

that are involved in internet marketing,

but this general term covers them all.


However, bear in mind that

internet marketing is

different than freelancing,

completing surveys or

many of the other countless

ways to make money on the web.


Internet marketing describes a very specific type of

moneymaking – using the knowledge of how the internet

works – specifically of how websites are ranked in the

search engines – to make money online.


4 Basic Internet Marketing Strategies

for Making Money Online


There are many, many internet marketing strategies

you can use to earn money online.


But we are going to focus our attention on

the most common ones many people use

and they’re the following:


1.Content Marketing


Content marketing is one of the most popular ways

to make money online. In fact,

essentially all internet marketing is based

upon content marketing to some extent.


what is internet marketing


Which is why we will concentrate a great deal on it

in comparison to the other strategies here.


No matter what kind of website you have,

or what model you are working from,

you have to have content.


If you Want the Search Engines

to be Able to Find Your Website

and Index it in the Proper Location,

You Need Content.


what is internet marketing


Content marketing is when you create content

that is optimized for search.


It requires knowing how keyword

density works, what Google looks for

in ranking websites and what pitfalls to avoid.


When Google first began,

websites were indexed

by other search engines based upon

what words they contained.


The more instances of a keyword a website


the higher it was ranked.


But Google started using other websites

to determine how a site should be ranked.


If lots of sites are linking to the site,

then it is considered an authority.


content not only has to be optimized for search,

it also must be high-quality,

valuable and exactly what the searcher

is trying to find.


2. Blogging


Blogging is mostly content marketing,

but with a very different goal.

Blog posts are usually about a specific topic.


what is content marketing


The Goal of a Blog isn’t Just to Have Content

to Provide Keywords.

It is Also to Attract Regular Readers.


Blogs that get a following can then

be monetized using a variety of methods.


In order to get a following,

a blogger must have a niche that they are



The people that follow blogs are interested in

whatever topic the blog is about.


Example blogs include fashion blogs,

computer gaming blogs, blogs about plr products

and much more.


How to Make Money With a Blog?

You can choose from methods like-

and pays you whenever someone clicks on one.

Banner ads that generate income

based upon impressions.

that are relevant to your blog.

  • Offer something of your own for sale.


There are lots and lots of ways that you

can monetize if you have a popular blog.


3. Affiliate Marketing


In most simple terms, affiliate marketing

is a form of internet marketing where you

market or sell products that you do not own.


what is internet marketing


You don’t have to deal with customers directly,

what you do is send them to the seller’s sales page

or website.


They will then take care of all the

transaction process including shipment if physical,

or downloads if digital.


You earn a commission every time you

referred a customer that made a purchase.


what is internet marketing


Amazon and Loot SA aren’t the only

affiliate programs out there.

You can choose from thousands

all over the web.


If you like talking about web hosting, you can promote Hostgator

through their affiliate program.



If you like computers,

there are affiliate programs

that pay you for selling computer-related

eBooks and products.



You can find affiliate programs

for any topic that you want

to promote.


One of the best places to find products

to promote is a website called




ClickBank hooks up sellers of digital products

with affiliates who want to earn a commission

by promoting them.


Learn the ins-and-outs of affiliate marketing here.



4. Product Creation



Finally, you could create your own

product and sell it.


Instead of being an affiliate,

you could be the creator of a product

and then list it on ClickBank

and let other people sell it for you.



Digital products are great because

they cost nothing to duplicate.

You sell a million copies of an eBook

and it would cost nothing.


With a real book, printing a million

copies is a huge chunk of money.


But eBooks aren’t the only type of digital




You can also sell videos, audio files, infographics

or anything else you can create.



Product creation doesn’t have to be done

specifically by you.



You can always outsource the work

to someone else.


For example, suppose that you hired a writer

to create an eBook for you.



You could probably get a 10,000

word eBook written for around R3000.


From that point forward, you own

that eBook and you can do

whatever you want with it.



One of the most popular methods

is to set up a sales page and promote

it as part of a larger package.



But Amazon also has an eBook

publishing program,

as do several other of the major

book retailers.


How Much Can You Make Online?



Another question that people will ask

that follows “what is internet marketing“,

would be

“How Much Can I Make in Internet Marketing?“.


The answer here is;


However much you want.

Basically, whatever you want to make

is available.


As long as you know how to get it.



When you have an online business,

you want to make sure that you do

everything possible

to promote it.



While you may not always have the funding

to implement a high impact marketing



there are ways that

you can get the name

of your business out there easily

and cost-effectively.



Learning some simple internet marketing

strategies will help you to inform

the world about your products/services.



It will also spread the word about

your website or blog

with lightning fast speed.


You can make millions of bucks

if you aim so.



What Do You Need to Start an

Internet Marketing Business?


Up to this far you have learned-

  1. What internet marketing is
  2. How to make money online
  3. 4 Basic Strategies to make money online
  4. What Content Marketing is
  5. What Blogging is
  6. What Affiliate marketing is
  7. How much you can make online


Now I am definitely sure you’re convinced

to Start your Online Business in no time but

the Question is,


What Do You Need to Start an Internet Marketing Business?


I’m going to be clear and straight to the point

with this one,

You will need a WEBSITE in order to

become an Internet marketer.


A Domain that is registered under your

business name or so, and a Hosting Account.

Then you will have a fully functioning

site to market any product you wish to.




You can choose any of the business models

listed here, or you can think of something

completely different.


But whatever you choose, work at it every day,

learn as much as you can about internet marketing

from the internet trusted sources on the internet.


That’s it, just keep learning

and applying until you see growth,

but learning is a never-ending process.


Have you wanted to get into

Internet Marketing?

What is your distraction or hassle?

Let me know in the comments section-




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