What is Plr

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A PLR product formally known as Private Label Rights is a ready-made information product

that has been created by somebody else and which you buy the

rights to change, edit and do whatever you like staying within the terms

of the PLR license, making it your complete plr product

to sell online or offline.


PLR, come in many different formats with the most popular being written products, such as articles and ebooks.

You can also find software, video, audio and visual content with plr. As for how people make money with plr, the

options are virtually endless.

In the following blog post, you will find out –

  1. What plr is
  2. How to use plr products to make money
  3. What is PLR, MRR, RR and PU Rights and what do they mean


It is known that in order to build a sustainable online business,

it is crucial that you create your own products to sell.

There are at least 3 known ways to have your own products

to promote, sell or offer for free-

  1. Create the products your self (time-consuming).
  2. Outsource the product creation (expensive)
  3. Buy Plr products (cheaper and faster)


As you can see buying ready-made products firstly –

  • Eliminates all the hassle you would have gone through in the product creation stage.
  • Secondly, you get products that are already proven to bring results or convert.
  • Thirdly, no risk involved at all.


what is plr

ready-made plr product to sell


A PLR product gives you a ready-made product that you simply need to adapt,

tweak and publish. As I said earlier in this blog post if you can edit the graphics,

the content, the headings etc. you will have a completely unique product

that you can use in your business (even to start an online store) to –

  • sell online or offline
    what is plr

    plr products to sell

  • build a list (lead magnet)
  • use for coaching
  • offer for free to your existing list.



Your store can be online within an hour once you get

your domain and your hosting account.

It is crucial that you

clearly understand all the rights that constitute

the license agreements that come with you plr product.


How to Use Plr Content for Your Business

Plr can be used in various ways to make new products to sell

or brand yourself as an authority on the topic.

Most PLR products aren’t sold exclusively. Often, they’re sold to hundreds

or even thousands of other people. Don’t let that scare you or

keep you from taking advantage of everything that PLR can do to help you grow your


By re-branding the PLR you buy you are virtually selling a new and unique product. It’s no longer the same as the

product that the other 100 who bought it have. It now includes your own personal flair and reflects your business,

which will set it apart from your competition.

Since PLR comes in so many different formats that way you edit it will differ.

For instance, for articles and ebooks, re-branding involves rewriting the content.

You can just change a few words, paragraphs, and sentences around.


Take the time to add in some of your own personality, include a bio and you’re ready to sell.

For audio and video, you may just want to edit the cover graphics,

but if you have the skills you can record a brief intro and closing message

so that it reflects you and your business.

It is harder to re-brand software.


You don’t want to mess with the program applications unless you are a programmer

or you plan to hire one, so you are more likely to leave it as is.

This is okay, you just need to find your USP (unique selling proposition) to set you apart from your competitors.


Yes you can repurpose your content too.

For example, you can turn ebooks into audio books or articles

into videos. It’s relatively easy. All you need is a microphone for audio

or a video camera to get started. You can use a webcam or your smartphone,

just make sure yours is good quality. The hardest part is editing,

but if you practice and know your stuff, you’ll get it right.

Different Ways to Use Plr Content

  1. Use plr content to make ebooks
  2. Use content to make slides
  3. Use plr content to record videos for your Youtube channel and drive traffic to your offers
  4. Use content to create a site where you give advice on a particular topic
  5. Create a membership site and users pay for access on a recurring basis or one-time basis
  6. Create Podcast episodes and have your own show on a particular subject
  7. Record audio with plr content and sell the mp3’s for cash
  8. Use plr content to engage your followers
  9. Record videos and sell in DVDs
  10. Submit articles to magazines or newspapers as well as on article marketing sites
  11. Use it to create short courses
  12. Create coaching programs for online or offline sessions
  13. Use this content to promote affiliate products
  14. Brand yourself on social media using the content
  15. Create giveaways for your follower
  16. Create kindle books to sell on Amazon kindle
  17. Create physical products to sell on cd’s, dvd’s and hardcopy book.


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The possibilities are actually endless only your thought can set limits

when it comes to using private label rights products to produce new content

in various formats. What we have covered so far should give you a clear idea

of what plr is and the different use of it. Now we going explain the different

licenses that come with every plr product for the buyer to adhere to.


What does Private Label Right mean?

(PLR) is where the product becomes truly yours as you are given the rights to edit the content(s).

Now, you have the ability to make edits, you can also put your name on it,

your company’s brand on it, and you can even change the very topic of the product

or the conclusion. Edit, Add, & Delete as you please.


What does Master Resell Right mean?

(MRR) meanwhile means that you not only have the right to resell the product

but you also have the right to resell the rights.

In other words, you can resell the product to other marketers

so that they can resell it as well! This creates another avenue for you

to sell through and is especially useful if you happen to be in the internet marketing


Once again, however, you will still not necessarily have the right to edit the original documents/files.


Resell Rights

(RR), mean that you have the right to resell the product.

This is pretty straightforward and does precisely what it says on the tin.

However, this does not necessarily mean that you’ll be able to make edits to the product.


Lastly, Personal Use Rights

(PU) stands for personal use so these rights mean the product is not for resale

but for your personal use only.


There you have it, nothing can hold you back from starting

your online store or a blog using plr products.

You don’t need a special skill anyone can start creating

information products the easy way and bring solutions

to people’s problems today.


Struggling to use the plr that you bought? Leave a comment below.

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